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Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Summer Bowman is a member of the gothic/darkwave band the Machine in the Garden with Roger Fracé as well as ethereal/neo-classical project Mirabilis with Dru Allen. Over the last decade Summer Bowman has become one of the most distinctive voices in dark music.

Coming from a musical family, her musical education began at an early age. Her father John Bowman once performed with the folk/rock band Slumgullion, her grandmother was a concert cellist, and her grandfather was a renouned Kansas City jazz pianist.

In the studio.
Exposed to this variety of musical styles as a child, she was encouraged to explore various instruments including violin, guitar, and flute.

In her early teens, her family recognized her unique vocal talents and arranged for her to receive private vocal instruction. She honed her vocal skills, singing both classical pieces as well as pieces from popular Broadway musicals. In high school, Summer performed with the madrigal choir and was active in theatre both on stage as well as behind the scenes working in costume design and construction.

Phantom Violets promotional photo.

Summer moved on to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1994 where she was a member of the prestigious women's choir. She also took a job in the Department of Theatre and Dance as a technical assistant in the costume shop where she designed and constructed costumes for a number of productions.

During her college years, Summer also joined her first band, the goth rock group The Blackcats. The band jammed and wrote several songs together, however, never performed live and split up shortly thereafter. In 1996, she came together with a former The Blackcats band member to form a new band called Phantom Violets. Summer performed lead vocals for the trio which had an ethereal goth sound. Phantom Violets played several live shows around Boulder and Denver before disbanding in 1997.

In the winter of 1996, Summer met Roger Fracé of the Machine in the Garden. Summer was immediately taken by Roger's musicianship and wrote vocal parts for the song "Final Form." Roger was impressed with the song and invited her to perform live with him in San Fransicso in March of 1997. The two worked well together and Summer formally joined the Machine in the Garden shortly thereafter. In late 1997, Roger and Summer released the first full-length the Machine in the Garden album. The band has released five more full-length albums since then. The complete the Machine in the Garden bio can be found here.

Summer during her first performance with tMitG.

Summer and Dru are Mirabilis.

In 2001, Summer formed Mirabilis with Dru Allen (formerly of This Ascension). Summer and Dru co-write original compositions and interpret traditional pieces, performing vocals, keyboards, percussion, hammered dulcimer, and flute.

The two have produced an EP and two full-length albums. Through her work with both bands, Summer has worked extensivily in the recording studio and engineered and mixed all Mirabilis' releases. The full Mirabilis bio is located here.

When not writing, recording, and performing music with Mirabilis and the Machine in the Garden, she enjoys reading (books, magazines, and comic books), sewing, playing video games, and watching movies and tv (mostly of the science fiction and fantasy genres). She also finds time to compete as a multisport endurance athlete and has raced in a number triathlons (swim, bike and running races) from sprint-distance all the way up to half-Ironman distance, as well as open water swimming events, and run half marathon, 10k and 5k races.

Summer competing in a triathlon.