Corpus Christi

words by John McDonagh

the night dragged by on the altar of repose
with something funereal about the white rose
the deep rumbling of the organ screamed revenge
for the hours of desolation within

kneeling there in prayer she wept
for the loss of her life and the boy who slept
never to see her again in the falling rain
she cried out loud, she cried in pain

lost to him and lost to her
the love flies blindly in an empty world
finding naught but pain and death inside
leaves our world to hate and desire

the illumination in the chapel dimmed
as the candle lit lamps burned in the wind
the draft of God came in to pray
with those inside who remembered judgment day

come Monday the black robes find it as quiet as sin
the day before, the crowds came in, to get
a piece of the sacrament that can save
them from the memory of that rainy day

if there's pain inside — love will die
if there's hate inside — love will die