Ex Oblivione

inspired by the short story of the same name by H.P. Lovecraft

these are my last days
my last dreams
unfamiliar stars shine
in foreboding skies

soft rain taps lightly
on my cold body
journey under the world
into dreams of mist

silent trees glowing in the moonlight
across shady groves
drifting through the valley
twisting, gnarled trees

in forgotten woods
finding desolate stones
arches through walkways
beneath overgrown castles

haunting in the world of dreams
flying in the mists of trees
vines and stones veil them now
where labyrinths grew

loving and vibrant comes the light
from behind the shining doors
laid within the antique wall
I pass into the space

I'm blending and bleeding into nothing
being with no one
these are my last days
my last dreams