do you see the brightness of the earth?
and do you see the way I'm fading?
I am the bird and she is within me
I am the stars that you can see
do you feel the winds of the day?
and do you feel the sun's rays?
I'm the bird and she's within me
do you see the weakness in my eyes?
and do you feel the shadow in my skies?
can you feel that?
can you feel me?
cause I can feel you
away, running away from me
you're all running away from me
far away, far from everything
there is today
can you feel it rain?
can't you feel it rain down?
feel me coming away from you
you pull away, and away from me
you take me away, you take me away
taking me far from my place
taking me close to the end of space
can you feel me?
feel me