The Inside World

I have lost today
The vision passed
You'll see the same
Within confusion

Nothing but the same
All monotony
Nothing but knowing
Time is leaving

It's reaching toward me
On the foreign sands
Words will find a way
To heal my past

And the tables will turn
Your choice is made
I understand
It must be this way

Looking through the pieces
Of my mind - a betrayal
Following the footsteps
Of the real world - it's blinding

And I never dream
They don't come to me
I sit in isolation
Finding peace

This is not a game
They don't know the rules
I find a way
To use it against them all

I'm not losing my mind
If it's all the same
If you can find
Another thing to say

You know the truth
They can't know my name
To see the power
I've already gained