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the Machine in the Garden
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>A couple quick updates:

  • The Mirabilis 7" EP is out and Pleiades should be out by the end of the month. Check Mirabilis' releases page for more information. These items are available for order now from Middle Pillar and will soon be available from tMitG as well.
  • A new Middle Pillar compilation Eclectica 2 is now available from Middle Pillar. It includes a new tMitG song "Suspend" and a remix of Mirabilis' "In the Dark" by Roger.
  • Some of you may have noticed that is gone. We've updated the web pages to reflect this, so there's some song samples that are no longer available and also the two When Angels Peer Favorably Upon Us (1 & 2) collections are now no longer available. We're considering a small CDR run of a Best Of When Angels Peer... If you're interested, let us know.
  • The 10th Anniversary/Christmas Holiday Sale on Veils and Shadows EP is done, but we've lowered the normal price to $6. Please buy one.
  • While we don't sell compilation CDs that we've appeared on, we've updated the discography pages to reflect compilations that are available from Middle Pillar to help you find some of our exclusive tracks more easily.

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