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the Machine in the Garden
Places in Between album cover

Places in Between

(dxm-008-dig) Deus ex Musica ©2020
Digital Album released

(dxm-008-cd) Limited Edition CD released

Track listing for "Places in Between"
Track Number Track Title Lyrics Audio Video
1 Cold Storm view Cold Storm lyrics listen to Cold Storm music sample watch video
2 A Thousand Years of War view A Thousand Years of War lyrics watch video
3 Beyond view Beyond lyrics listen to Beyond music sample
4 Underneath view Underneath lyrics
5 Prophetic Bird view Prophetic Bird lyrics listen to Prophetic Bird music sample
6 Broken Days view Broken Days lyrics
7 Ad Astra Per Aspera view Ad Astra Per Aspera lyrics
8 Courage, Power, and Wisdom view Courage, Power, and Wisdom lyrics
9 Spirit and Image view Spirit and Image lyrics listen to Spirit and Image music sample
10 Orbital view Orbital lyrics
11 O Euchari view O Euchari lyrics
12 Find a Way view Find a Way lyrics watch video
13 Resist view Resist lyrics

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Reviews of Places in Between:

it's particularly exciting for me when a band from the past picks up the pieces from where they left off and continues to create something new. it's great.

so this new album is called the places in between and like i said this is their first release in many many years. i will be going through each track on this album and how i feel about it and how awesome it is.

overall this album is really fascinating, interesting, different, mystical, sophisticated, and inspiring. there are a lot of times in this album where summer sounds so much like lisa gerrard from dead can dance which i think is part of what adds to what makes this so mystical sounding. i really love how her voice has matured over the years and it really comes together here. from what i can gather in comparison to other earlier works, they have backed off the rock and post-punk distorted elements just a bit, but it doesn't make it any less engaging. if anything, this is an excellent demonstration of their versatility.

this is really good reading music or road trip music, and some of it is really dancy. i dig. so if you guys are a huge fan of machine in the garden, faith in the muse, dead can dance, and this ascension, this will definitely suit your needs.

-, excerpted from LigeiaResurrected YouTube