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Now Available — Before and After the Storm

Digital Version

This is primarily a digital release. You can choose the audio format you wish to download, including various lossless formats. Plus there will be a PDF of a full booklet in a ready-to-print format (spreads, bleeds and crop marks) and a PDF of the CD-onprint for those of you who have a capable printer.

Buy the digital version from Bandcamp

Special Edition CD

For those who would something a little more special, we're doing a very small run of a Special Edition version of the album. It's a professionally duplicated and printed CD-R in an eco-pack sleeve, limited-edition of 50, hand-numbered, hand-embellished and autographed. It will be available in approximately 3 weeks but available immediately for pre-order. To hold you until then we'll email you a download code for Bandcamp so you can enjoy the music immediately. The price is $20.

Buy the Special Edition*
*Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your Bandcamp download code

Additional information is available on the album's discography page.

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